Dance, Stage & School Video Production

Have a beautiful and permanent record on DVD of your Dance Show, School Play, Stage Show or other live event or performance, filmed by professionals, with absolutely no cost to the organisers? Yes, this is what we do, that's no cost to dance or stage school as the cost should be covered by the sale of DVDs.

With our pricing structure aimed at helping everyone enjoy and remember the fruits of all their preparation and hard work, we will attend your event, film it beautifully and prepare keepsake DVDs at reasonable cost for any of the audience and participants to purchase.

We have filmed many such events and have gained a reputation for providing DVDs that accurately and entertainingly record the event - much of our business in this area comes from recommendations and repeat work.

To find out more, to discuss your possible requirements and to check our DVD prices please contact us.

Dance, Stage & School Video Production

Dance, Stage, School & Performance Video Production